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10 Reasons Why We Love Summer fashion

10 Reasons Why We Love Summer fashion

10 Reasons Why We Love Summer Fashion

Step into the Sunies way of life and enjoy having an elegant pair of beautiful eco friendly sandals. The new collection is inspired to bring the Summer Fashion Shoes to the new collection.


Summer is that time of the year when it feels like the world comes to a stop. A magical sort of season, it’s almost as if anything magical can happen. 

 The season of endless possibilities, it gives us a chance to slow down, enjoy the little things and experience life with a different feeling. Maybe it’s the sunshine, the scent in the air or the feel-good hormones, there’s really a certain charm that we just can’t explain.

Clearly, we love summer here at Sunies. These are some of our favorite reasons why.

  1. Nature is at her peak: The trees are dressed in their leaves, the birds are singing their songs, the flowers are showing off their brightest shades. Life is flourishing everywhere you look!
  2. Sights, sounds and smells of summer: Whether it’s a warm breeze that passes you by or the scent of those fresh flowers, summer sensations simply spoil your senses.
  3. Sweet summer dresses: Now’s the chance to show off your sustainable fashion. Flowy, floral dresses are one of the season’s most versatile outfits that you can wear almost everywhere.
  4. It’s sandal season: With your dresses (and this amazing weather!), you can finally sport your Sunies sandals. Our eco-friendly footwear is so supportive and comfortable, you can wear them carefree all day.  
  5. Beach and pool days: Our ideal summer routine looks like this: swim, lounge, apply sunscreen, repeat! 
  6. Those longer days: The extra hours of daylight mean you can spend more restorative time in nature. Not to mention, it works wonders for your energy levels and creativity. 
  7. Picnics with friends: Eating together is always a good idea. Eating together outdoors? Even better!
  8. There are so many things to do: Whether it’s joining a group hike, dancing at a festival all day long or checking out a weekend market, warmer weather means more outdoor events. Plus, you can feel the good vibes everywhere you go.
  9. The feeling: Summer is a treat for your mind and body. As the season of adventure and exploring, it’s really like there’s a magical feeling in the air! 
  10. Fresh fruit: Yes, winter produce is rich and comforting, but summer fruit is just so juicy, sweet and bursting with flavor! Strawberries, melons, cherries... the choices are all so lush. The right type of sugar!


Sunies Summer Fashion & Women Shoes - Our goal is to offer our customers products at the highest quality and price, and a feeling of exclusivity. Get your elegant beach look.

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