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Getting Your Feet Wet with Style - Sunies

Getting Your Feet Wet with Style - Sunies

Hey Sandal Lovers! 

It’s the season of pool parties and barbecues, of Sundays spent in the garden with friends, of lunch hours in outside cafés. Provided, that is, you are in a region where it’s already ok to have pool parties, or friends over, and where cafés are open again. By the way – wherever you are in the world right now, we hope that you are alright amidst these challenging times, and if you’re not, we’re sending you a heartfelt hug! 

So while pool season may start haltingly (or a bit lonely) this year, and you might have little hopes of your vacation plans coming to fruition, it’s also the season of summer rain.

Of gentle drizzles that bring out the scent of grass and rich soil, of showers that first seem harmless, but then stay with you for the whole last hour of your walk, and of unexpected downpourings that clear up within three minutes – while leaving you drenched from head to toe. It’s the time of year to look skeptically from the weather forecast (sunny and hot) to the sky (kinda dizzy with a small cluster of dark clouds) and trying to decide whether you want to risk your beautiful ballerinas or you should just wear flip flops. Here’s where we come in.

This is where Sunies excel: You’re actually quite dressed up, footwear wise, when you are wearing them, but you are also completely immune to downpours or puddles. Are your feet going to get wet? Absolutely! But you’ll shrug it off with smug grin, because just a few minutes later both your feet and your shoes are going to be dry again, no harm will be done to your beautiful peep toes, and any muddy splashes are going to rinse off easily under running water, or disappear with the help of a sponge.

Talking of wet feet and puddles:  Sunies Sandal wearers have been known to jump into puddles for the sheer fun of it, even in the middle of an otherwise very grown up work day – and giving our inner little girl a moment of freedom and pure joy can be a very fortifying thing right now.

Should you ever do this – please do send us a picture or hashtag #puddleproof on Insta – we’d love to see you getting your feet wet in style!

The most joyful colors for showing panache in the midst of a summer downpour? We are thinking: Sea & Ocean Neon Blue for playing the mermaid, Butterfly Conscious Bamboo or Butterfly Gold to channel your Inner Goddess, and Hawaii Neon Yellow for safety and visibility. But that’s just us – you do you!

Wishing you a weekend full of joy (and puddles?),

The Sunies Team

P.S. Your Sunies are designed with a slip-resistant sole. No skidding danger on wet concrete!

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